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Whether you need to locate your target audience, increase you digital footprint, or deepen existing relationships to actively engage your client base, we have the solution for you.

Did you know that video marketing is 600%  more effective than print and direct mail combined? AND 88% of visitors stay longer on websites with video than websites without. PLUS, 40% of shoppers will even visit a store in-person after watching a video.

.My Flicks.
Video Marketing

We offer affordable marketing solutions for a digital world and open the door for small businesses to join the new era of social media video marketing.

Become a recognized brand. Expand your reach and put your products & services into the hands of your target market.

We'll do it for you so you can continue doing what you do best... Running your business!

Its time to push your company to the forefront of the marketing platform. We create custom video-centric marketing plans, produce captivating emotion-driven "flicks", brand your business and share it with the world. 

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