The Mission

myFlicks strives to be the doorway for small business owners to transition to the digital era of marketing. We aim to be Orange County's top choice for digital marketing solutions and to create timeless "Flicks" that share your brands with the world.

The History

myFlicks began production in 2010 and has been growing strong over the last 7 years. Specializing in business video production and marketing, myFlicks has become a trailblazer in the video production industry and marketing industry by combining both into one cohesive company.

Video Marketing has become the most effective method in reaching potential customers. Previously, a business would need to first, find a quality video production company to create engaging material and second, hire a marketing firm to protect their investment and make sure their video is generating a return. Several of thousands of dollars later, businesses were left unsatisfied and with a product that was not worth it's investment.  myFlicks is here to change the game.

This is your one stop destination for all of your business's video production and marketing needs.  We have mastered the art of video production and cracked the social media marketing code.  Our business is a science and we are able to provide the necessary components to make you a leader in your industry, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately increase your bottom line. 

myFlicks understands small business. That's why we make video marketing affordable! Yes, video production and marketing is important but it can also be expensive and fall to the wayside. With myFlicks's competitive and affordable prices, you don't have to worry about spending your last dollars. Besides, the goal is to make money... not waste it.  With nothing to lose, and over 100 Million viewers to gain, sign up with myFlicks today! 

The Learning Center

myFlicks is more than just a marketing company. We care about new and small business owners and have created an online community to help you thrive. Our Learning Center offers valuable trainings, tips, hacks and hidden secrets that other marketing companies don't want you to know!

As a business owner, you give 100% every day to make your dreams a reality. The Learning Center provides stepping stones along the way to make the journey a bit less treacherous. With our Digital Professor constantly keeping you up to date with the newest marketing trends, stats, technologies, entrepreneurial know-how, and self care reminders, you'll never miss a beat with myFlicks on your team.  Visit our Learning Center today!

 T h e   O w n e r

Trevy Caldwell, owner of myFlicks,  was born and raised in sunny California. She has a bachelor's degree in both computer science and video production.

She is an active member or her community. She teaches financial literacy to youth in Orange County to prepare them for financial success and is currently in the process of creating a program for inner-city youth to learn the wonder of video production. 

With continued education in new-age marketing and over 7 years experience with business finance, Trevy is a knowledgeable powerhouse and the heart, body an soul of myFlicks.