Analytics & Reporting

We offer so many essential services it's hard to keep up with it all! Se we're going to tie all of your services up in a little orange bow for you every month and show you exactly how your marketing plan is working for you. We provide monthly reporting on all of the services you are receiving from us. From our Branding Consultation, we will already understand what metrics are most important to you and the success of your business. Because of this careful customization, no two reports will look the same. 

Included with our Analytics Reporting is a monthly review session with your Marketing Director to discuss your marketing trends.

Sample Reporting

Here are some examples of metrics we are tracking for our current clients:

Social Media Platform Growth
Key Competitor Comparison Charts
Video Views, likes, shares
YouTube Channel Views
Re-Branding Rates

Daily Website Traffic Trends
Demographics of Website Visitors
Demographics of Social Medial Fans
Conversion Rates