No More Shakes! How To Capture Steady Videos and Elevate Your Brand

Imagine yourself running through an open field with a camera selfie-style on a summer day, the grass brushing against your feet as the camera pans left ever so smoothly capturing your smile against the clear blue sky... Sounds like a movie right? Because in reality, if you're running through a field trying to take a video on your phone, with all the shaking and jumping around it's going to look more like a horror movie than anything else. #Truth #TheBlairWitchProject

But wouldn't it be cool if you could get video like that to use for marketing your brand? It would be a game changer and save you money! You would be able to capture more creative video in places you never could before. You could have a more professional looking YouTube channel, level-up you Facebook videos and monetize your Instagram. Would all of that be worth reading a little blog for? Well, Duh! So here it is.

Video Demo on Osmo Mobile

Everyone is putting out video content nowadays. You have to do it if you want to stay relevant in todays market. But here's the catch; just because everyone is doing it, doesn't mean everyone is doing it well. How many times have you watched a video on YouTube and the camera is so shaky that you cant even tell what's happening? Or how many times have you been watching a Facebook Live, the person walks away from the camera and all of a sudden you cant hear them anymore because they're too far away. DON'T BE THAT GUY (OR GIRL)! Cut the tether from your desktop webcam and go mobile without the shakes! 

Im going to teach you how to get professional looking smooth video shots using your smartphone. The truth is, all of the components of your brand, including your video content, need to be professional quality or else no one is going to take you seriously... let alone give you their money. And if you're not trying to make money then your business is not going to survive. Giving your video a much needed facelift will let your potential customers know you mean business and help you stand out amongst your competitors. I'm much more expressive with my camera and not my words so with a little help from Mickey Mouse, I've even put together a demo video so you can see exactly how it works. 

Here is what you will need:

  1. One Smartphone with an HD Camera
  2. One Lavalier Microphone (optional but you really do want to have this)
  3. One DJI Osmo Mobile Device
  4. One DJI Osmo Mobile Base

I think everyone has a phone that captures HD video now since its 2017 but for those of you that have been left behind, YOU NEED TO UPGRADE. Like seriously go into your mobile provider store and trade in your phone. You can thank me later. #SideEye

I always recommend having a mic whenever you are filming. A lavalier is very inexpensive and a great way to capture someone talking while blocking out the background mumbo jumbo. Your audio is the MOST important part of your video; more so than even the video itself. Most viewers will forgive a video for being a little blurry or shaky but if your audio is hard to hear, muffled or too loud, people will not struggle through your video. They'll just keep scrolling. #SwipeLeft So I listed it as optional but it's only optional because you technically can still do this process without it.

OK so on to the DJI Osmo Mobile. This little piece of heaven will be responsible for elevating your video marketing game. All you have to do is simply insert your smartphone into the holder, turn it on and watch your phone start to capture beautiful pan shots with NO jerky movements. You could actually go running through that open field and come out with smooth footage.

Not only does the Osmo Mobile smooth out your handheld movements, it also has a joystick built-in that allows you to control movements on your phone so you can pan in any direction with the push of a button. But wait, there's more! Since this is an Apple product, if you are using an iPhone, there is an additional feature that you will love. The DJI Osmo has a tracking feature! That means you can lock on to a subject, lets say your face, and as you move, your camera will follow you! #MicDrop

Actual Footage from DJI Osmo Mobile + iPhone 7S+

Watch my videos to see it in action for yourself. One is a tutorial and the other is the actual footage from the Osmo. Also, if you want to get your own DJI Osmo Mobile + base kit, here is a link where you can purchase it on Amazon.  I would love to see your upgraded stabilized videos so share them in comments below!

This is Trevy with myFlicks. Check ya later.